Do you have questions?

How flexible moves work?

Well, it could not be more simple. We sign only 12-month leases, but when the day comes for you to move out, you're free to go with a 60-day notice.

How much does it cost?

We use advanced tools and technologies to analyze the local real estate market and source apartments at a fair price or even below the market average. Then the rent offered on Cube is calculated based on services offered, improvements made, among other parameters. Our goal is to offer rents that are fair and affordable.

What if I change my mind after I move-in?

Our killer 7-day no-explanation lease termination policy allows you to simply change your mind after you moved-in. With no explanation, you can terminate your lease within 30 days if you notify us in less than 7 days after you moved-in.

Do you include utilities and internet?

We include unlimited high-speed internet as a service in your rent. Utilities (electricity, heating, hot water) are generally NOT included. There may be an exception when utilities are centralized in the building and provided by default in every apartment. 

How do you verify the quality of the apartments?

All our apartments are verified and inspected by our team before being offered for rent. Our inspection covers 50 verification points, from floor to ceiling, windows to faucets, closets to electrical outlets, light, interior space, noise, etc.

How do I pay my rent?

You pay your rent directly on Cube either with your bank account or with a credit or debit card.

Can I book a Cube from another country?  

Yes. We actually design our product for facilitating global mobility. So even if you come from another planet you'll find it easy and fast to book your Cube apartment. You'll only have to provide info that is relevant to your situation (ID, Linkedin, email, phone number, bank account).  

Do you accept pets?

We truly do our best to have the most welcoming pet policy, but sometimes we just can't accept them unfortunately. You'll find the info about this right on every Cube description page.

Where is Cube available?

Currently Cube is available in several neighborhoods of Montreal, Canada, and we are working hard to expand our coverage as soon as we can.

Can I book a Cube for a few days?

No. Cube apartments are long term rentals only and the minimum you can stay is 3 months. Cube is not for a touristic purpose but for people who need to work and live in the city.